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Number of rules (primarily dangerous function names) in C/C++ ruleset: 223
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-autocleanups.h
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-context-private.h
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-context.c
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-context.h
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-device-list.c
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-device-list.h
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-device-private.h
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-device.c
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-device.h
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-endpoint-private.h
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-endpoint.c
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-endpoint.h
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-interface-private.h
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-interface.c
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-interface.h
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-private.h
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-self-test.c
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-source.c
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-source.h
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-util.c
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-util.h
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-version.c
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb.h
Examining data/libgusb-0.3.5/tools/gusb-main.c


data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-device.c:872:11:  [2] (buffer) char:
  Statically-sized arrays can be improperly restricted, leading to potential
  overflows or other issues (CWE-119!/CWE-120). Perform bounds checking, use
  functions that limit length, or ensure that the size is larger than the
  maximum possible length.
	unsigned char buf[128];
data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-endpoint.c:70:2:  [2] (buffer) memcpy:
  Does not check for buffer overflows when copying to destination (CWE-120).
  Make sure destination can always hold the source data.
	memcpy (&endpoint->endpoint_descriptor,
data/libgusb-0.3.5/gusb/gusb-interface.c:77:2:  [2] (buffer) memcpy:
  Does not check for buffer overflows when copying to destination (CWE-120).
  Make sure destination can always hold the source data.
	memcpy (&interface->iface,
data/libgusb-0.3.5/tools/gusb-main.c:119:9:  [1] (buffer) strlen:
  Does not handle strings that are not \0-terminated; if given one it may
  perform an over-read (it could cause a crash if unprotected) (CWE-126).
		len = strlen (item->name);


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